Patterning Capabilities

Several different patterning technologies are in place at the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF), to address a wide range of requirements for resolution, throughput and cost.

TechnologyLNF instruments and capabilities
Contact Lithography4 Contact aligners
– Min. feature ~ 1.5µm
– Backside alignment capability
– Bond alignment

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Projection Lithographyi-line stepper
– Min. feature ~ 0.5µm
– 10mm square pieces up to 150mm substrate capability

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E-Beam LithographyJEOL JBX6300-FS E-Beam
– Min. feature 8nm
– Compatible with curved and transparent substrates 

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Lithography Support– Automated photoresist coat/develop (cassette-to-cassette and single stations)
– Image reversal
– Mask cleaner

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Direct Write and Mask Making– Inkjet printing
– Direct write mask maker and laser writing (1µm)

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