Metrology and characterization capabilities

A broad array of metrology and characterization tools are available within the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF), including AFM, SEM (with EDS), ellipsometry, microscopy, and other technologies. 

Other materials characterization capabilities at University of Michigan can be found at the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization, known as (MC)2, the Electron Microbeam Analysis Laboratory (EMAL), the J.D. Hanawalt X-Ray MicroAnalysis Laboratory, and via the Techinical Services of the Chemistry Department.

TechnologyLNF instruments and capabilities
AFMTUNA, surface potential (Kelvin probe), magnetic force, piezo-materials characterization, electrical mapping.

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SEMAnalytical, large prechamber (6”wafer), XEDS

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Other Metrology– Optical and mechanical profilometers
– Wafer stress measurement
– Ellipsometer (including spectroscopic)
– Optical interferometers
– 4-Point probe
– Laser interferometer
– Laser confocal microscope
– Fluorescent microscope
– Goniometer

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