Getting Started

Getting Started

Using the LNF

The LNF offers two main modes of usage:

First, you can be trained as an independent user, with the support of our professional staff and your LNF mentor. Once you are qualified on the individual tools that you need, you can then access the LNF equipment 24/7/365.

Second, for a fee, LNF staff members can perform nanofabrication process services based on your specifications. This option is typically used for established processes and fabrication steps, and is subject to availability of staff and tool resources. All process service work is done on a best-efforts basis and the LNF cannot guarantee a particular device or project result.

Additional options include:

  • Working with external contractors who perform such work as a service. These consultants are not affiliated with the LNF, but are authorized, experienced users of the facility who accept contract work for fabrication projects.
  • Initiating a collaboration or sponsored research project with a U-M faculty member whose group uses the LNF.

If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss details. We specialize in accelerating R&D and welcome inquiries related to the CHIPS & Science Act and the DoD Microelectronics Commons projects.

Intellectual property and confidentiality

The LNF’s policy is that any intellectual property generated from work performed in the LNF under the normal usage modalities described above remains under the control of the user and their organization. 

The LNF is an open, shared user facility in a public university, and the LNF staff must assess process feasibility, safety, conduct training and provide equipment and process support.  Nonetheless, we have found that in most cases, we are able to keep the interactions and communications with our external users on a level that does not require disclosure of any proprietary information. If your project involves significant proprietary information, the onsite, independent mode of usage may be most appropriate. In that situation, LNF staff members provide advice, training and support, but you work independently, handle all samples/designs and perform all processes yourself. This typically minimizes confidentiality issues. If this is not possible, the independent consultants who work in the LNF may be a valuable resource, as they may have more flexibility in setting up confidentiality agreements.

If you are not certain of the best approach for your process or have further questions, please read below or contact us at [email protected].

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