The Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF) offers a variety of wet etch and dry etch processes for different materials and applications.

TechnologyLNF instruments and capabilities
Dry Etching– 3 RIE + 1 AMAT cluster tool 
– 3 DRIE systems
– XeF2 etching of silicon
– Ion mill 
– Photoresist ashers, Wax etching, Plasma cleaner

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Dedicated Wet EtchingKOH, TMAH, and HF/HNO3

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General Wet Processing16 Wet processing benches for general acid, base and solvent processes, wafer clean (piranha, ionic, RCA), and soft lithography (SU-8, PDMS)

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Other Process CapabilitiesCritical point dryers, rinser/dryers, Organic processing, and CO2 snow cleaners