LNF Process Services

The LNF provides a wide range of fabrication and characterization capabilities. Our highly experienced scientists and engineers are here to help you with your process needs. 

While our main mode of operation is to have researchers work on their project themselves with support from our engineers and scientists, there is also the possibility of process service work, in which our engineers perform the fabrication steps. These are typically offered for the more standard processes and fabrication steps. Availability is subject to staff and tool resources.

Here are examples of process services that we offer:

  • Optical and E-beam lithography
  • RIE and DRIE
  • Wafer Bonding
  • Thermal Processes
  • Thin Film Depositions
  • Soft Lithography and Microfluidics
  • Analytical Services
  • And more!

Please email us to provide details about your specific needs and samples: [email protected]