LNF Safety

Safety is a top priority for the LNF, and we build safety into everything we do. Here you can learn what to do in an emergency and find resources to learn more about our commitment to safety.

Life-Threatening Emergencies

In a life-threatening emergency or if someone needs emergency medical attention, call 911. Tell them that you are at the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility on University of Michigan’s North Campus. 

  • You can call 911 from a Campus Phone (located by the hallway windows in 1440, at X, Y and Z within the LNF) or from a cell phone.
  • If you call 911 from a campus phone, you will reach the University of Michigan Police Department (UMPD). If you call 911 from a non-UM phone or cell phone, you will reach local Emergency Services. Either UMPD or local Emergency Services can provide help.

Non-Life Threatening Emergencies

For non-life threatening emergencies that pose a danger to life/health or the lab, contact the LNF’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) at 734-764-4127. The ERT is composed of staff members who are on call 24 hours a day, on a rotating basis. The LNF ERT will coordinate with the U-M Environment Health and Safety department and other offices, as required. This number should only be used for emergencies that pose a danger to life, health or the lab. Examples might include a water leak or a gas alarm sounding. Do not call the LNF ERT on-call number for situations that can wait until the next business day.

Further Resources

Our Safety wiki page and lab policies provide additional information about safety in the LNF. Alarm sound examples can be found here: https://lnf-wiki.eecs.umich.edu/wiki/LNF_Alarm_Sounds. In addition, records of past incidents and emergency responses that have occurred in the LNF are available to the LNF community (login required). These are shared with the LNF community to:

  • Heighten awareness
  • Share lessons learned and corrective actions
  • Continuously improve lab safety