The Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF) provides extensive support for wafer bonding, lapping, chemical mechanical polishing, dicing, wire bonding, and flip-chip bonding.

TechnologyLNF instruments and capabilities
Wafer Bonding– 3 Bonders for direct, Si-Si fusion, eutectic, polymer, anodic, thermo-compression
– 2 Bond aligners, plasma surface activation, surface cleaner

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Polishing– Lapping
– Chemical Mechanical Polishing of silicon, silicon oxide, silicon nitride, metals (Ni, Cu, NiP).
– Post CMP cleaning

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Flip-Chip and Wire Bonding– Flip-Chip Bonder
– 2 Systems for wedge and ball wire bonding

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DicingUp to 6″ wafer dicing 

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