LNF Fees and Rates

LNF users are charged monthly based on their activity in the LNF. Charges include equipment usage as well as daily and per-entry fees, according to the complete fee schedule listed below.

Internal (U-M) users are billed directly to a U-M shortcode via Service Unit Billing. There are several charge reduction programs that apply to internal users, that are described in more details here: https://lnf-wiki.eecs.umich.edu/wiki/Charge_Reduction_Programs

External users are invoiced by the U-M financial services, and payment can be made by several different methods, including purchase orders and online credit card payments.

Current fee schedules (effective Jan 1, 2024, after approval from the U-M Office of Enterprise Financial Planning and Analysis):

Fee schedule for internal (charged to U-M shortcode) users

Fee schedule for U.S. academic or government users

Fee schedule for non-academic or foreign users

If you have any questions about fees or charges, please reach out to [email protected] so we can help!